Does Twitter scrape card images?


Hi -

About to start exploring cards but had a quick question. The page I want to enable for Tweeting is dynamic (updated every couple of minutes, searchable, sortable). I intend to create a custom jpg (et al) of the page on-the-fly so that a given user’s Tweet will be personalized to what they are actually seeing.

BUT, I don’t want to be in the image hosting business. When a user tweets a page with an a card image, does Twitter scrape and persist it in its image DB (such that I could eg delete it after 24 hours), or does it store the URL of the image and constantly pull it (such that I have to persist it indefinitely)?



The cards crawler works with approximately a 7 day caching period. This is not configurable, so very dynamic web content is not really suitable for using with Twitter cards, as changes will not be reflected in the card for a specific URL if the content is changing frequently.


Thanks so much for the reply; truly appreciated.

If we want to share dynamic images per user, but don’t want to host the images ourselves in perpetuity, is there another option? The option to upload (post) an image seems to require account access/binding on our end.

Thanks again!


That’s correct, you’d have to have a user authentication token to upload an image to Twitter. Unfortunately that’s your only other option that I’m aware of.


Not the answer I hoped for, but greatly appreciated nonetheless; we’ll get there in time. :slight_smile: Thanks again and happy holidays!


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