Does Twitter block specific hosts?


We’ve been using Twitter authentications via HybridAuth for some time now, but about a week ago Twitter specifically stopped working. We made no changes to the Twitter authentication method so we’re a bit confused. Found another HybridAuth user having similar issues found that Twitter connections were timing out from his server. Does Twitter block certain hosts due to spamming? If so, how can I get mine whitelisted?


If you believe your IP address has been blocked for any reason, reach out to with your IP address and any additional information you can provide (like tcptraceroutes and such)


They told me nothing was being blocked and my host said Ping requests were working so it doesn’t seem to be a firewall issue. Ever happen to anyone else?


I’m getting the same error. Twitter oAuth with HybridAuth has worked for months and suddenly authentication fails since 2 days ago. I have reset my keys and changed the authorize URL to, but that didn’t work.

+1 for confused.