Does tweetview support videos?


I’m using Tweetview to display tweets and it’s working fine. For some tweets however, which contain a video from instagram being tweeted, the tweetview only shows the photo for the video, and the play icon is missing on top of it. Is this intended behavior or am I missing something? I’m using TweetUtils.loadTweet to load tweet and setting it on my view.


Hey @gauravjain_dce, that’s the intended behavior but I’d love to confirm what you’re seeing. Does this happen when you tweet out a link to an Instagram video?


I’m using tweetview to display embedded tweets in a news article on my app.
This is the link :

Also, I’m attaching a screenshot of what I’m seeing on my app.

Kindly confirm if this is the intended behavior. Thanks.


Thanks for the extra details @gauravjain_dce! It looks like the video from this tweet comes from Twitter’s Media Studio and not Instagram. For this video I’m seeing the following Twitter Kit embedded tweet:

When I click on the play icon the video plays full screen.


Hi Alex, thanks for the info. It turns out, I was using older version of twitter SDK. As I switched to 2.3.1, the icon displays fine.


Awesome to hear, @gauravjain_dce! Happy coding :slight_smile: