Does the update limit apply per user or per application?



This may be a stupid question, but i having trouble finding clarification on the subject.

I am interested in writing some code to allow users of my website to opt in to tweet automatically when a specific event occurs on their account.

They would need to opt in and allow us to tweet on their behalf, but following that I would want a tweet to be made on their account each time a particular event they have specified. They could opt out at any time.

I would like to know more about the 1,000 posts per day limit please. Does that apply to the application, or to the user’s account? For instance. If we had 1000 people opt in to this, and 2 tweets were made each day, would that breach the limit?

I have read the article below, but am still not sure…



The daily posting allowances apply per user account. While the limit is 1,000 updates per day, those limits are further divided into smaller limits distributed throughout roaming time windows during the day.


I saw the thread linked below as soon as I posted this, thanks for your help episod, my veil of ignorance has been lifted!