Does the "Share a link" button have issues with redirects?



I am using the “Share a link” button on to share the following URL, which is a redirect to I have it displaying on the website fine, the only strange thing is the actual functionality. When clicking and sharing the URL the counter does not increment. It is sitting at 3 and has not moved ( Are there any issues with using a redirect as the URL for the “Share a link” button?

Here is the HTML I am using to display this button:




It’s best to make sure that your data-counturl is the final destination where the Tweet Button code will actually reside. It’s fine to have your data-url pointing to a URL that redirects as long as data-counturl represents the eventual destination.


I have followed your advice and change the HTML to be like so:


Unfortunately it is still reporting the tweet count incorrectly. Any more advice at this point would be appreciated.


Per Twitter:

If they follow the advice I gave in the last email to you – to make the page they’re tweeting out (the /vote page) the actual destination page, they will have a much easier time.

They also may be too artificial in their testing when trying to determine whether tweaks they make are effective.

Their web page currently does not include a data-counturl:

And if they do add one, and then try arbitrary tests they won’t necessarily see the count increase immediately. These counts are “eventually consistent” once they get started – but it’s not going to retroactively examine in time tweets that have been issued and add them to the counter.

This was something that we tried already with no luck. We had data-counturl in for 2 days and it never worked. Anything else we can try? Many thanks.

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