Does the ads api can only fetch the twitter ads accounts analytics? or it can also fetch normal user account analytics


Here in documentation they mentioning that i need an ads account to use ads api here i am going to use ads api for accessing the analytics(daily followers count, tweet clicks,tweet likes,tweet engagement,mentions) purpose only any other alternate way to get analytics data with out twitter ads account


The Ads API provides access to analytics related to Campaigns.

The other analytics you mention are available via the dashboard at for your account and can be downloaded as a CSV from there. If you would like programmatic access to them via an API, we provide this via the Gnip Insights API family.


@andypiper Gnip Insights API is twitter supported or its third party API


Gnip is part of Twitter - it is Twitter’s commercial data business. Fully supported.


thanks @andypiper need to know one more thing that any direct java sdk is available to get twitter analytics data(which i mentioned in my post)


There’s an Engagement API client in Ruby, but I haven’t seen one for Java yet. You can learn more about the API on the Gnip Support site. Note that this is a commercial product.


@manopriyan29: do you mean if there is any Java SDK available to work with Gnip Insights API?


no @majoritasdev i am asking direct access to get analytics data for example like twitter4j sdk


There’s a Java client for the Ads API which is based on Twitter4J.

As I mentioned, the analytics data available from the Ads API is related to campaigns specifically, and will not give you general profile information. For that you need the Gnip Insights Engagements data.


thanks for your help @andypiper


hey @andypiper once again i am coming with the same question is there any other optional service is available to get analytics data via api except gnip


Only Gnip


thank you for all @hector_borras, @andypiper, @majoritasdev your support