Does Streaming API support Application-only authentication?


I just follow this topic and try the Application-only authentication.
And I hope that I can use this to “listen” from some newspaper just like in the past when I use Basic Auth.

POST /1.1/statuses/filter.json HTTP/1.1
User-Agent: Go 1.1 package http
Content-Length: 191
Authorization: Bearer AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAKQyRQAAAAAAyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy%2FQT5skZtc%3Dxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


I allways get 401 returned with this, so I think the Application-only authentication won’t work with Streaming?


You are correct that Application-only auth is currently not supported on the streaming APIs, sorry. Luckily most streaming use-cases just need a single access token so you can just copy the one from your application settings page on (no need for 3-legged auth).

I love that you’re using Go by the way.


OK, thanks for your reply!
I hope Twitter won’t do expired the access token to soon, just keep it live forever like now!

P/s: Thanks for your package.


Is this still true “Application-only auth is currently not supported on the streaming APIs”?


There is an app Sky+ on both Android and iOS, i have seen Android version in which it was displaying reals time(streaming) tweets for the programs(like “The Big Bang Theory”, etc. by searching tweets with hastag or keywords), without authenticating users(it should be using app-only authentication). How is this app doing streaming without having the user authentication???

I have done a lot of research on this but no luck.

Kindly please let me know how to do the streaming with app-only auth, or any other alternative. If twitter4j(for Android) can fulfil the needs, would be good for me.

Any help is appreciated.


Any word on this? Are the streaming endpoints still not available using application-only auth?