Does sandbox access subtract from available oauth tokens to developers



As a Developer user of the Ads API, I have 5 oauth tokens available to me, but I’m sometimes seeing I have reached my limit. I don’t recall signing in and generating more than 2 OAuth tokens, unless the sandbox API subtracts from this limit. Before I realized I couldn’t generate anything in the sandbox API (read-only access), I generated a couple tokens there. Could you please let me know if using the sandbox-api has removed one or more of these 5 available oauth tokens. If so, I need to be able to revoke their access, but am unsure how to do so, since there does not seem to be a GUI for ads-api-sandbox, and I don’t see anything in the twurl documentation about revoking the token via command line.

The application ID is 8526922. Consumer API key: SmCl3M8z4P3ooPvpPYGEmgBla

I read that the only other way to truly revoke access and gain the 5 tokens back (outside of revoking each individual user, which, from reading docs, doesn’t seem possible unless they’ve been tracked on our end) is regenerating tokens via the app. I’d prefer not to do this, if possible. Any ideas/suggestions?


All OAuth tokens granted via the Twitter APIs are for all of our endpoints and APIs. That includes our REST API, Ads API and our sandbox Ads API. Since all tokens are granted via our production endpoint, they all will count against your application’s token limit, regardless of which API you access.

A user can revoke an OAuth token from their accounts settings on their Twitter profile.