Does REST API v1.1 check the API caller's address?


My same PHP code is running on two different servers.
One server can call update API successfully, but another server would always get HTTP 410 error.
The failed server was used to debug/test my PHP codes before and I might call APIs over its rate limit from that sever.

Does REST API v1.1 check the API caller’s address?
If so, how can I report the failed server’s IP address to enable my PHP function on the server?
Because currently the same “correct” code is running on both servers.


The IP address is not a factor in rate limiting for REST API v1.1, and applications can function on multiple IP addresses without issue. I would look into any differences between server environments in this case – clock differences, library version differences, make sure the keys used are correct, that you’re executing the right paths, that your DNS and SSL are configured correctly…


@episod Taylor Singletary
Thanks for your very clear answer. Maybe it depends on the server’s cURL environment. I will check it soon.

And I observed another symptom to get HTTP 403 error intermittently with a message, “Missing required parameter” but the update parameter is correct. You think this is also caused by the server environment?