Does Quality Filter apply to REST API?


Does turning on ‘Quality Filter’ work when accessing timeline via REST API, or it’s just for Twitter’s own clients?


As far as I know, it’s for clients. So no - quality filter is for notifications and display of tweets and doesn’t apply to timeline REST API responses. But:

In the docs:

quality filter may also affect Tweets in other places outside of the notifications timeline, such as top search results and replies on Twitter.

The way I understand that is it may affect REST API Search if you set result_type=popular as opposed to result_type=recent (recent is default) - but i haven’t checked this.

There’s no API for replies, so that doesn’t matter.


It applies to REST API posted tweets in timelines, i big decrease in tweet views.

Sometimes quoted tweets were no more displayed in retweeting users stream. Earlier they could retweet an image tweet of @RheinTemp, had a current picture of their city in their stream. now there is only a grey field (tweet cannot be displayed), but click on it, displays the tweet.

Is there a chance, by query a tweet-id, to see if twitter ‘bot flagged’ that tweet and will likely be less displayed?
Or does the bot flag affect the whole account, therefore each tweet, no matter if user is follower or not?