Does Premium increase the rate of others API


I cannot understand clearly what Premium account increase. It increase the rate limit and the usage of Search tweet for sure, I got this, but how about others endpoint? I would like to make more requests on the endpoint followers/list and friends/list, 15 request/window is definitely not enough for my usage.
So when I read that the Premium will give me 60 requests per min and 500 per period, is it only for the search/tweets endpoint, or for everything?
If not, by which way can I increase the rate limit for this endpoint?


There are currently two premium products - 30-day search, and full-archive search. Both of these provide access to features (search operators, complexity, and history) that have never been available before in the standard level of the API. Both of these have a period length of 30 days, within which your requests are quota’d depending on the level of your subscription.

There is no premium API that increases access to the followers or friends endpoints and currently no plans to offer this - check the roadmap for what is in progress.


Thanks for your explanations!

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