Does new API version require any changes to user authorization code?



I understand the process of Twitter user authorization on remote websites very little.

My code I use on my website to log Twitter users is very similar to code you can find at this site

It used to work correctly however it recently stopped working (I am suspecting because of the new API version but I am not sure)

The method $Twitter->get_accountVerify_credentials(); seems to cause the problem. When this method is called during the process the page fails to load and even no server errors appear.

How do I fix this problem? Do I need to change anything in my code?

Thank you


It’s likely less to do with API v1.1 (the new version) and more to do with the retirement of many out-dated forms of talking to the API, such as the one the library used in that article made use of. You may need to find more recent versions of EpiTwitter or switch to a different library. This FAQ question covers a few of the differences:



Thanks for help… I requested a newer version of the library I use and the developer sent me this link - (in case someone uses same lib.)

After updating with new code, Twitter connect works fine again