Does my website hosting server need to open special ports for TWiTTER


I’m not a developer, not even close. I have a basic web page with the embedded twitter timeline script. It works perfectly on my home PC. However, when I upload the page to the web server, the place where the twitter feed should be is blank - expect for a white outline.
The website support asked if it (twitter) needed special ports - does it? (and that I should need to buy a dedicated IP if they are to open special ports. - but I cannot purchase this type of feature at this time - so suggestions as to how to get around that would also be welcome.)


If the website support asked these kind of questions and advised you to buy some extra features, I would look for a new website hoster…
The official Twitter widget does not require any special ports, if you are not seeing it, there might be some issue with the JavaScript or similar. It would help if you could provide us with the URL where you tried to embed it, best even showing the non-working widget.


Twitter’s widgets JavaScript loads over HTTP or HTTPS, the standard protocols of a webpage. Issues you encounter happen somewhere between the HTML of the page, loaded resources, and your browser.

A sample URL will help. You should be able to view the HTML source of the page and find “” to confirm both the HTML markup and the JavaScript are on the page.


Hi All - thanks for the help. I followed the idea of making a page with just the twitter widget and by a fluke - replicated the error locally, So fixed it, and loaded back on website and it’s working as it should. I’m happy that I don’t have to deal with the website hosting service - and will look into getting a new on. Really appreciate the help.

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