Does line item edit support changing primary web event tag?


I am not able to change the primary_web_event_tag on a twitter line item using the PUT call. I am able to assign one during the POST call.

I looked at the documentation here, and don’t see any info on that field.

I know that there are some fields that can only be edited on line item create. Is Primary Web Event Tag one of them?


Hi Chris,

Let me copy some potential useful information we released when the feature was launched because I’m not sure if this is well documented:

A new parameter, primary_web_event_tag, has been added to POST /0/accounts/:account_id/line_items which will allow for the setting of this value. The value can be retrieved on GET /0/accounts/:account_id/line_items and GET /0/accounts/:account_id/line_items/:line_item_id.

Note there are no changes to the PUT endpoint, once this value is set on a line_item it cannot be changed via the API or UI.

This change does not directly affect any stats reporting but will have an affect of conversions being more accurately attributed to the desired line_items, aggregated data will not change.

In the UI at advertisers will see conversion data for the primary web event tag associated to a campaign initially and must click on the detail pane in order to see conversions for all tags. In order to replicate this behavior in your own UI you can segment stats data for a line_item on the primary_web_event_tag ID for that line_item and display that separately from the total conversions for that line_item.

Possible bugs when creating line items with WEBSITE_CONVERSION objective

Thanks John. That resolves the question.