Does GET friends/ids paginate correctly?


Attempting to use this REST API according to the documentation: however, it seems to always return a next_cursor value of “0” with count=5000 even if the designated twitter user is following more than 5000 other accounts. I am able to successfully run the curl generated queries, but when I use it with a user account following more than 5000 users, it always returns “0” rather than a usable next_cursor value. Is this a bug or is there some trick I am missing?


In my quick test bot Apigee and the curl example worked fine and returned next_cursor. Do you have an exact curl request that isn’t working as expected?


Start at this page:

I select one of “my apps”

I change the “screen_name” parameter from “twitter_api” to “mikeallen”, a user with who is following 103K users. Leaving everything else the same. Generate the Oauth request. Copy the resulting curl command to a term window (I’m using Linux). Run the curl command. It runs successfully an returns some large number of ids, but the last part of the content is this:


next_cursor is 0, as if it had reached the last page and there were no more results to obtain.

By way of contrast, when I follow the parallel procedure with the parallel api for followers - - I do get a series of usable cursors, exactly as is documented and expected.

Hence my query whether there is something wrong with the implementation of the friends/id API function.