Does API 1.1 no longer support RSS feeds?


Does API 1.1 no longer support RSS feeds?


Yes, API v1.1 does not support RSS feeds.


Gosh - we could really use some help. We are going into conference week and suddenly our iOS app is dead. We don’t come over here very often to notice that the v1 API was going away. Now we can not figure out (8 hours later) how to get non-twitter users the ability to see our public stream via our iOS App. All we can find is a Widget - and we can not disable the action buttons.
With API v1 we took the results and laid it out in a Tableview in iOS.
I hope someone can help us - not that I think we can get this approved by Apple in the next 5 days before the conference starts.


Well, I put together two mit licenced php scripts and instructions to fetch, cache and display twitter timeline as RSS or JSON.

check it out at


If you are looking for more obscure API calls in RSS format, rather than just timeline (as I was) then check out


Whatever happened to this attitude?

We consider RSS just another output format for the API.