Does analytics segmentation by AGE require AGE_TARGETING account feature?



Hi everybody!

To be able to get analytics data segmented by AGE, does one need to have the AGE_TARGETING account feature?

Because on that page, for AGE_TARGETING it states “Target users based on age buckets.”. I wonder if I can get the analytics data segmented by AGE without being able to target by age.

Thank you!


Hi @majoritasdev!

To get analytics data segmented by age, you’ll need the VALIDATED_AGE_TARGETING account feature. Linking to another post for reference.

For more context, in October we introduced a new, better set of age buckets (associated with the VALIDATED_AGE_TARGETING account feature) and deprecated the old, less accurate set (associated with the AGE_TARGETING account feature).

Finally, thanks for calling out that page. We’ll update it to reflect the new enum.


Thanks @juanshishido! So, to clarify, the VALIDATED_AGE_TARGETING account feature is now necessary for both targeting on the new age buckets, as well as getting analytics data segmented by these age buckets, right?


That’s correct, @majoritasdev. We’ll update the age targeting announcement linked to above.

Please let us know if we can help with anything else. Thanks!


No. Thank you very much for your help! :slight_smile:


Actually, one more question, please, @juanshishido: how can we apply for getting this account feature if we don’t have an account manager?


@majoritasdev: I just sent an email to the address listed in your profile.


Just a bump to let you know that this page is still referencing an AGE_TARGETING key, which is totally deprecated if I understand correctly?


Hi @juanshishido - we are building a Twitter ads integration still with our developer license. We’d love to take advantage of age targeting even ahead of our first demo for basic certification. Is it possible for us to get this access? Who can we talk to about getting setup? Thank you for any help you may be able to offer!


@jonfriestedt: Thanks for the head’s up. We’ll update soon.

@jeffcunning: You’ll need to get in touch with your Twitter contact—an account manager, for example. If there isn’t someone with whom you have a relationship, there isn’t much we can do via this channel.


@jonfriestedt: We’ve updated the docs. Thanks again for bringing this to our attention.