Does a retweet refresh Card content?


As far as I can tell, tweeted card content is refreshed either once a week, or once a month (I’ve seen both numbers mentioned … I’m not sure which it is)?

What happens if someone retweets a card they see in their timeline? Does the card get refreshed in the retweet, or will it just display the cached data from the original tweet?

In my case, I’m looking at displaying a dynamically updated chart/graph image on my website. I’d like people to be able to tweet the chart, and assume I should use a Card for this?

I could live with either of the following scenarios: 1) Cards always show the current chart/image; or option 2) Cards show the chart/image that was current as of the respective tweet/retweet date/time. For accuracy, I think the 2nd option would be better.

(If I’m off track, and there’s a better option for supporting tweeting/retweeting of dynamically updating chart/graph content, please let me know where I should be looking).


Cards tend to be refreshed roughly every seven days. You can read more about that in the Troubleshooting guide. Retweets do not affect recrawling of the Card content.