Documentation on segmentation_type availability


Hi all,
Am I correct when I say the SIMILAR_TO_FOLLOWERS_OF_USER isn’t available for for GET stats/accounts/:account_id endpoint?

I had to write a functional specification for a project, but when I started working on the implementation I found out some things don’t work after all. The Metrics and Segmentation documentation for example states metrics are:

Available in all endpoints unless noted here

But in reality billed_charge_local_micro is not available on account level. Whenever I try to request the metric from the stats/accounts/:account_id endpoint, I get an error saying it’s an invalid metric. Same goes for some of the segmentations, incl. KEYWORDS (which I find out on the forum) and SIMILAR_TO_FOLLOWERS_OF_USER.

I constantly keep bumping into things like this, which is really frustrating. It also causes confusion on whether it’s a bug or if it was never intended to work. I understand that you can’t keep the documentation updated at all times, but it would be nice if at least availability of segments on the different endpoints would be documented.