Documentation on Activity API



I’m using Account Activity API for all event types.
There is NO documentation regarding events that are no direct message events.
You should also make the same format for all events.
If we receive a message_create, then the json object indicates a type attribute with “message_create”.
The other events, don’t say it’s event type. I have to see all the events to infer the type.

In “message_create” the root object is an array. In other events is an object.
We RECEIVE an array with object. The object has the type=“message_create” and a “message_create” propoerty that is an object.
Then, for event that are no message_create, I’ve received:
OBJECT with ""tweet_create_events"
OBJECT with “favorite_events”

I don’t know other events and their format


Hi @mmalbergier,

Thank you for your inquiry. I just published the account activity data objects here.