Document inconsistency between Video App Download Card and others


For example,

Parameter app_country_code is marked as required. The one of other types of cards is optional, and the example below contains no app_country_code, either. Other common parameters of video app download cards, like name, iphone_app_id and etc., are not consistent with other types of cards, either.

I’m afraid that the documents of video app download card is not accurate. Can you guys have a look?


@is1ue actually it is consistent with other MAP (mobile app promotion) Card types.

Take a look at the following docs for the other MAP cards:

As the docs linked above indicate, for all MAP Card types the app_country_code parameter is always required and at least one mobile app identifier is required (eg. iphone_app_id, ipad_app_id or googleplay_app_id).

Other Card types that don’t do any mobile app promotion will of course not require or accept any of these fields.


@brandonmblack The POST apis seem consistent, but PUT ones not.


@is1ue app_country_code is always required for these card types. On PUT when you’re updating these values are optional because they’ve already been defined when you created the object in your previous POST call.


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