Do you need to get approval for each card type?



So I already have approval and have been using the “summary” card type for awhile now. I wanted to use “summary_large_image” for articles with images large enough to meet the requirements. When I post to Twitter they don’t show up so I’ve tried validating them via but keep getting an error.

Error - Failed to crawl url, debugId: 3307738355152

Any ideas what the issue is?



Hello 15 Minute News,

Regarding your question in the title, the answer is yes. You can have several types of Twitter Cards enabled on the same domain, but you just need to request approval with one sample URL for each type you would like to have enabled.

I tried your URL above on the validator and it works well on my side. It states that this type of Twitter Cards is not enabled yet but the markup is valid. Could you please try again and request approval?