Do you need a phone number to have a Twitter account?


Just want to verify for a client whether or not you need a phone number to create new Twitter account.


@ispeak2u Here’s a FAQ on that very topic


By the way, the answer is YES. I am being repeatedly locked out of my Twitter account after I send the same article to people that might be interested. They are not Followers - they are too well known to follow me back, but they are articles they would agree with and I am always polite etc. I don’t even Tweet that often, but keep getting locked out.

That said, Twitter wants to confirm my identity to unlock my account, but will not let me do it ANY OTHER WAY than sending a text to my phone. I don’t want to share my phone number, so I am at their mercy whether they want to unlock me again.

Bottom line is, you don’t need a phone number to create an account, but be aware they can lock your account at any time and insist on a phone number for you to get back in.