Do Twitter have Web Hooks?



I don’t see it any anywhere… All i found is the streaming API’s.

Do twitter have this… or? Presumably not… and if thats the case, would you be looking into ever adding it?

My issue with the streaming api is, if you’re using PHP it’s not really very useful.
I cannot run multiple, potentially thousands of users through the streaming apis…
I cannot run this code dynamically, it has to run via CLI, causing my other countless issues…
PHP is not meant to run indefinitely like the streaming api’s are…
So what do i do?


No, there are no web hooks.

Have you considered using the REST API instead? alternatively, if the issue is with running PHP code against the streaming API, have you considered a different implementation using another language or framework?


Thanks for the reply Andy!

So, I started out using the REST api before I noticed streams, they work okay.
My app needs to get a list of Followers and users the user is following first of all.
Then we wanted to have options to view who you recently unfollowed, who recently followed, who follows you but you dont follow back, and such.

Creating this functionality, only utilising the REST api, seams near impossible to me, due to the limits… now, if you imagine creating that system, using the REST API here and there, and the streams, it sounds pretty doable.

My biggest issue of all, are the limits. For example, we make a request to /followers/ids which returns a list of ids, 5000 max.
Once you have that list of ids, you need to convert that to data, which(if i remember correctly) limits at 1500 per 15 minutes. Maybe a little more.

Then finally, after you have converted the data(Which could take a long time if the user has way over 5000 followers) I then have to check the friendship status between the users, to see if they’re following each other etc.

All this, along with the limits gives me serious issues from every angle. I’ve already coded this^… it still has a few issues also.

What would you do in my case?

Is the Site streams something i need to look more into using? if so, i requested access to that.