Do Twitter cards only show when a user Tweets using the Tweet button?


I’d like to know if Twitter cards only show when a user clicks the Tweet share button on a web page. When a user copy/pastes the link into Twitter, will the Twitter card show up? The latter did not work for me.

I tried this using the New York Times, which Twitter gives as an example in their developer pages. Specifically, I shared this page:

When I did the Tweet button, Twitter card showed.
When I copy/pasted the link, no Twitter card.


Just did a test tweet, cutting and pasting this link in a new tweet and it worked. Sometimes it might take a few seconds for the card to “attach” to a tweet.

See for the result.

A good way to test a URL for cards is to use our preview tool at


Salut @ Sylvain est-ce que tu peux valider mon site pour les cards Photo/Summary? J’attends depuis Janvier… Merci


Merci!! Bisous


I am not getting twitter card in the tweet using tweet button. I have all the meta tags and it worked in card validator. please help me . My piece of code is

<script>!function(d,s,id){var js,fjs=d.getElementsByTagName(s)[0];if(!d.getElementById(id)){js=d.createElement(s);;js.src="";fjs.parentNode.insertBefore(js,fjs);}}(document,"script","twitter-wjs");</script>

Am i doing anything wrong ?


I think I discovered a solution to this issue, if you are using https:// with your url it doesn’t load the twitter card, but if you have it set to http:// it will load the card information.

@froginthevalley I tried your url as well and that didn’t display anything on my twitter. I would like to file a bug fix to have Twitter properly handle both http:// and https:// versions of a card automatically, since if a user shares an https:// version of a prezi (where I implemented my Twitter cards on), then the card information will not show, but only the http:// appends the card information.


Hi everyone,

IF you’re wondering WHERE in the world your newly validated card is, the card doesn’t show up on every Twitter client. Here’s my experience so far as of 2012-03-14:

On Twitter’s website?
Yes. That’s the only place I see the card. There is a delay as @froginthevalley points out (thanks!). Here’s mine in the live:

On Official Mac Twitter client 3.0.1?
Not a trace.

On iPhone iO7.1 Twitter client 6.2.1?
Yes. But they’re hidden in people’s timeline. A teeny, tiny, minuscule, little (get the point?) icon appears next to your tweet in users’ timelines. (Well, mine anyway). (Maybe it’s expanded in other people’s?)

When click on the tweet, it expands. Then it looks REALLY nice.

This causes me, however, to rethink my “marketing strategy” with cards and tweets. For me, I rather include a picture the normal way, so twitter can display it loud and proud in users timelines. So maybe for twitter, instead of having ONE image, I’ll have two. One for the card (as it’s generated on my blog) and another to manually attach an image. Not sure if or how that will work. But. Gonna give it a whirl perhaps after I get some sleep.

Hope this helps some human out there.


There’s a lot of discrepancy between the supposed function of Twitter Cards and how they actually work.

  1. as of May 2014, it appears that the attachment of a card in the Twitter edit a tweet popup window does not work anymore. I tried at least 10 different sites and I could not get this to show up as I placed a carded link into the popup window. The card only reveals itself AFTER you publish it. A grand misrepresentation of functionality.

  2. What’s the point of going through all the trouble of developing cards if they’re just going to be hidden in the timeline? As you can see my example with this tweet: which shows the card because I’ve drilled down to the tweets final link. But if you go to to find that same tweet you’ll see there is no evidence of the fact that there’s a card attached to it. Even with big players like the NYT, their tweet cards are hidden by Hide/Show summary links.


Agreed, this makes no sense



Thanks for the feedback. We’re always working to improve, and this feedback is useful.

In particular, the “preview” functionality is something we’ve considered, and for right now it appears after the tweet.

Will reach out as we make progress here for you and for all other people plugging into Twitter.


any update about cards to make them more visible to:

  • people that share content
  • people that read timelines and only see cards when clicking individual tweets?