Do rate limits apply to each streaming endpoint separately?


It seems like this should be obvious from the documentation, but I can’t seem to figure it out:

Do the streaming API’s rate limits apply to the entire API, or each endpoint separately? In particular, is it possible to connect to both statuses/sample and statuses/filter at the same time? I’m getting a 420 error code on the latter, is it because I already have a connection to statuses/sample?


  • JB


Hi John:

For information on rate limiting as it applies to streaming, see this page: [node:4206, hash=“Rate_limiting”].

To answer your question more directly–

For one application, you should strive to have only one open streaming connection to serve your application’s needs. If you attempt to open multiple connections simultaneously, you may get a 420 error for the second connection or you may be able to establish the second connection (with the first being dropped). Under some circumstances, you may be able to open a small handful of concurrent connections, but you should not rely on this behavior.

You may also find this thread helpful: [node:14935]


I thought each streaming endpoint had its own rate limit, like the REST API, but I get it now. Thanks!


You’re very welcome!