Do images from a user's media library get deleted after a point of time?



I have been using the Ads API to create promoted tweets and the REST API to upload tweet media to a users media library. Some of the media I have uploaded in the past show up in the GET request but if I use them to compose a website card the API returns a 404, i.e, tells me that the media does with that ID not exist. Why is this happening? Do images get automatically deleted after a point of time?


Can anyone help me with this?


The images seem to disappear when i’m trying to use them in a card. Please can someone help?


@abhishekkalia: Could you please provide the specific set of requests you are making as well as the error response you’re seeing on card create?

Media does not get removed from the Media Library without user-initiated action. What’s likely happening is that, when you’re trying to create the card, the user who owns the ads account does not have access to the image. But we need to see the requests and responses.


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