Do I violate API rules or not?



Hi, I am working on a small application which extracts links from tweets, its main screen looks like (full size image at

I have only one (and maybe simple) question: do I violate any API rules with this? Thanks in advance for any help! :slight_smile:


Without knowing in detail all of the things that your app does or the target audience, it is hard to say. I’d recommend looking through the Developer Policy and the Display Requirements. If you’re “just” extracting links from Tweets, I can’t see a particular issue.


Thank you for your help, your answer has indicated some questions. :slight_smile:

  1. From “Display requirements”: “No other social or third party actions may be attached to a Tweet.” So my “hide user” link violates this rule (see on the screenshot). Did I understand right?

  2. From “Display requirements”: “[Don’t] Modify Tweet text.” Does it violate this rule if I change an emoji to its text representation (:joy: => “:joy”)?

  3. Is there an official way to ask for checking my application? I want to follow the “Be a Good Partner to Twitter” rule and avoid all the mistakes I can do without knowing perfectly the expectations.

By the way my application does not too much:

  1. It reads the statuses/home_timeline API request (users can register with OAuth).
  2. It selects the tweets with links.
  3. It reads the pagetitle and the favicon of the founded links with a simple webscraping method.
  4. And finally it displays the links with the corresponding tweets.

There is a highlighting feature, and the user can setup an email address and a time to get all that links and tweets in email (it looks like very similar to the screenshot).

I think some people might find it useful, but I don’t want do working on something which I must close because of misreading some rules…


Absolutely, the correct place to look for help on these kinds of specifics would be via our Platform Policy Support forms. We really appreciate your efforts to work with us!


Thank you, Andy, you made my day! :slight_smile: