Do I really need to assign a different mobile phone number to each twitter account?


I need to authenticate my 5 twitter accounts with Microblogger Pro Plug-in which I’m using with my Wordpress website.

However when I try to establish a new App registration to do this, it keeps asking me for a separate phone number for each of my twitter accounts and won’t allow me to progress as it tells me that I can only assign one phone number to each account :frowning:

Can I get around this and have one mobile number for all of my twitter accounts? I have managed to set my iphone to manage all of my accounts at once within the twitter ap on it…now I just need to get my website and plug-in to authenticate and register the new Apps in all my accounts and I’m set!\

Any help would be gratefully appreciated!



No response yet?

I’m totally blocked by this same problem.

15 sites, and only one phone.