Do I need to create an embedded timeline widget for every search term?


I have a slang dictionary website that defines more than 17,000 slang terms. I’d like to embed a “Tweets that contain this word” widget on each definition page. This worked fine with the v1.0 search widget - I could specify the search term for each widget, when creating it via JavaScript.

Since v1.0 was retired, the old widget stopped working. Looking at the embedded timelines widgets, it doesn’t seem like there’s any way for my site to specify the search term to use for each widget. For example, emitting

Tweets about "foo"

…displays a widget using the search terms I specified when creating the widget, not what I specify via the href attribute (“foo” in this case).

Is there a way I can specify the search terms to use, via HTML or JavaScript? Creating 17,000+ embedded timeline widgets via Twitter’s website would be… tedious.


We don’t offer dynamically settable queries on embedded search timelines at this time (though we do offer this dynamism for list and user timelines now).

To build a more dynamic variant of this, you would need to build a server-side solution and a display requirement-meeting way to render the tweets.


Hi. Does this mean I could create a dynamic query based on a hash tag value on a specified (ie my) user timeline? If so can you give an example of this in js?