"Do I need permission to describe other users tweets using SIOC "


Hi, I have collected a dataset of tweets from New York and I would like to convert them to sioc-items. Do I need a special permission from the tweets owners for that?

Thank you!


What’s a sioc item? I’m not familiar with the term. Be mindful with Twitter datasets – you cannot distribute them or otherwise resyndicate them (such as by converting them to another format and distributing them).


he probably means the SIOC vocab for describing social web data: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Semantically-Interlinked_Online_Communities

regardless of the data format the same Twitter rules apply. I believe you are allowed to use the data (converting tweets to sioc:Item would be fine then) but not to publicly redistribute it.

how about non-public sharing of tweets with other researchers? is it allowed? in research people need a way to verify the results and hence some sharing of datasets is needed.


Data sharing between researchers is still forbidden by the terms of service. Sharing of tweet IDs is not, however, leaving it an exercise for the recipient researcher to then “liquify” those IDs into full tweet objects again for their own research (acknowledging that that may take some time and skill).


Is there an API call available for “liquifying” a set of IDs into full tweet objects?

If data sets are forbidden to share it would help if there was a way to retrieve full info about a set of twitter message IDs (e.g., 100 or 200) at once.