Do I need a paid subscription to get access to Profile Geo enrichement?



I’d like to get tweets using the search api but I am only interested in tweets from a specific country.
If I understand correctly the I need to have a paid subscription to be able to access user.derived.locations.country_code. Is that correct?
What is the quality of the data like. How many user profiles have a value for user.derived.locations.country_code and how accurate is it?
Can I get my money back if I am unhappy with the results?

Many thanks in advance.


Hi @FlurinConradin.

Before committing to a paid premium account, we offer free sandbox access to our premium APIs for developer accounts. Do you have an approved developer account yet?

I’d recommend using our Premium Search API for your use case. If you’re looking for Tweets originating from a specific place, we have the following operators you can include in your query for Tweet data:

Geospatial operators:

  • bounding_box:[west_long south_lat east_long north_lat]
  • point_radius:[lon lat radius]
  • has:geo
  • place:
  • place_country:
  • has:profile_geo
  • profile_country:
  • profile_region:
  • profile_locality:

To test out the API before integrating it into your app or program, use Postman to run API calls to get data back. This way, you’ll see if it’s worth pursuing. The different levels of Premium access depend on how much data access/requests you’ll need, and you can increase your tier as you grow.



Hello Hazma

Thanks for your reply.

Yes, I do have an approved developer account and I have been making a few request that count towards my 250 requests for the 30-days endpoint and my 50 requests for the fullarchive endpoint.

However, many of the geospatial operators do not work, i.e. I am getting a 422 error with the message

“There were errors processing your request: Reference to invalid operator ‘profile_country’. Operator is not available in current product or product packaging. Please refer to complete available operator list at

Maybe I am doing something wrong?
When my query is "elections has:images", I get a 200 as shown below:

When my query is "elections profile_country:US", I get a 422 as shown below:

Same for "elections has:geo"
Are you sure these operators are available for non paid subscriptions?


Hey Flurin,
Most of the Geo operators are considered Premium operators, the sandbox only has standard operators.

You might want to have a look at this page:



Hello Samir

Yes, so this was my question in the beginning, which was:

If I understand correctly the I need to have a paid subscription to be able to access user.derived.locations.country_code . Is that correct?

If Premium means paid then this is correct.
My second question was:

What is the quality of the data like? How many user profiles have a value for user.derived.locations.country_code and how accurate is it?

Do you have experience with paid subscriptions? Would you be in a position to answer this? Especially, with the non-paid subscription most of the tweets I looked at didn’t have any conclusive information with regards of the country of residence of the user. Is this better with paid subscriptions as I should be able to use the profile_location operator?

Lastly, I asked:

Can I get my money back if I am unhappy with the results?

Do you have experience with that?

Thanks in advance.


Hey Flurin,
Yes, I do have experience with paid subscriptions. I don’t work for twitter so I can’t answer questions about refunds etc. But being a user, I can share my experience with the API.
Yes, the Premium API is paid, but it does have a sandbox version which you can use before committing to a paid account as Hamza explained, however there are differences between between the sandbox version and the paid version, including search operators, you can find the differences here:

As for your second question, the geo info based on tweets has more granularity (lat/long) but from our experience only a small fraction of tweets has that. Profile geo on the other hand resolves to a lot more data, but profile geo data is based on what the user enters in their profile, so if the user doesn’t enter profile info you won’t get any data (otherwise it would be violation of privacy). The API is not meant to give you any private data, so if you can’t see the information yourself with what’s publicly available then you are not likely to get that information with the API.

Hope this helps.


Hey Samir,

Thank you so much for taking your time and sharing your experience with the premium features.

That answers all my questions.

Well, actually one last one (just if you happen to know): When searching tweets, is there a way to filter all the tweets that have non empty location value in the user object?

Have a great day!



You are welcome Flurin!

I believe the filters you are looking for are has:geo and has:profile_geo, but I haven’t tested them myself.


Hey @FlurinConradin -

To do this, you would negate the has:profile_geo operator when using the paid premium or enterprise Search API.

We do not offer refunds for this situation.

Let me know if I missed any other questions.


Hello @LeBraat,

Thanks for your answers. No, that’s it. Got it all figured out now!