Do all retweets have a retweeted_status field?


I am trying to analyze retweet cascades and I was quite excited by the retweet_status field returned by the new REST API which promised to ease things a lot. Nevertheless, in a quick test sample of 10 tweets containing “RT: @” I found one that seems to have no retweeted_status field (see example below). I wonder whether there is a way of retweeting that is not recorded as a retweet and hence ends up lacking the retweeted_satus field or if I’m missing something else. If that is so, maybe I should go back to analyzing myself the tweet text looking for “RT: @”, which raises another question: is the “RT: @” always added at the beginning when retweeting? This would be such a pain since looking “by hand” for the original tweet of a retweet is really costly.

Another related question, it looks like when looking at retweets of a retweet (e.g. RT: @XXXX RT: @YYYY) there is no infromation in the retweeted_status about the original tweet being a retweet. Is that so?


Example of retweed without a retweeted_status field:
“source”:"<a href=“” rel=“nofollow”>Twitter for iPhone",
“created_at”:“Thu Jun 13 21:24:41 +0000 2013”,
“text”:“RT: @ALVAROVARGASFAN: Vamos chicos!!! GANAR ALVARO al 27450 gracias!! ❤❤❤”,
“description”:“OFICIAL TWITTER #ALVAROGH14”,
“created_at”:“Fri Jun 17 18:48:52 +0000 2011”,