DMs with an image attachment simply not delivered


Uploaded an image to the typical media endpoint.

Sent it as a media attachment in the new DM endpoint to two users, something I’ve done 100k+ times without issues (afaik)

One user received the DM the other didn’t. The DM ids are

1039215951445680139 (didn’t get it)
1039215951470895108 (got it)

So confused. I didn’t have logging on for read receipts due to a load issue so I can’t tell if a read receipt was received for the non delivered one but I’m assuming it wasn’t.

I tried looking through the sender’s eyes by logging in as them and it’s not there either. Any ideas Twitter team?


Hello @bobber205 - Thanks for bringing this to our attention. I’m working with our team to investigate.


Would you mind sharing the request and response that you sent related to this situation if you still have them around?


I unfortunately do not have them around anymore. :frowning:
All I have is the DM ids.


No worries. The DM ids are very helpful.

I’ll let you know when I hear back from our product team.

Thanks again!


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