DMs containing links now being rejected by API ? (403)


As of today, my DMs that I send out via API are being rejected (403) due to text containing malware!? It’s ben working for years until now.

An example DM that my app sends is “New SOLG alert:

Nothing malwary about that at all!?


Think its a bug I had this error drop on my lap today for a few clients who send a DM updating ebay order info to customers including links. After a few hours or toying I realised this is system wide error so just have to wait for it to be fixed error as below.

Caught exception: {“errors”:[{“code”:151,“message”:"There was an error sending your message: Text contains malware:


Well I am glad it’s not just me :slight_smile:


No just have to wait now should fix itself hopefully.



I think we are facing the same error,
“Twitter has reported an error with code 403. Error description: There was an error sending your message: Text contains malware.” This message has been send before and stops working today!
Please let me know if you have any updates about this issue.



Bump on this. I even tested the link on Google’s safebrowsing diagnostic tool and it turned out fine but I still can’t send any links.


hey any updates on this issue.


Bump! It was working for a short while but it is now rejecting the DMs again that contain links to any site, sites which are not malware. Is even rejecting a DM with a link to lol

Please fix ASAP!


This help desk article is your best location for updates on this issue:


@episod does this mean that Twitter are disabling the URLs in twitter DMs altogether or are working on a solution?


I get also this error while posting a link with direct messages.
I saw that a link with will be send. , link will be refused.
Could we have update on this problem?


A few of our customers ran into this issue. Any update on a fix or workaround? thanks!


Same problem here… What to do? Just wait?


Tweet your link to as a status update then link to that status update instead. Twitter seems to allow you to post links to Twitter in the DMs. Bit of a horrid work around but will do until they fix the problem though I am not confident they are going to as many spammers are using links in DMs so they’ve disabled it as a means to prevent spam, but then they are just going to post links to Twitter instead…


I agree with @digitaldanuk don’t think the service will return it wouldn’t have taken 5 weeks to fix a bug that small. What is strange is the error code hasn’t been amended to links in dm banned or similar as malware does get peoples backs up. Time to phase dm out as link sending tools I think.


Well, it’s a damn nuisance. I can send PMs on any other social networking platform without issue. And they all suffer from SPAM too…

The only way Twitter will learn if people leave it en masse in protest…but that’ll never happen…


it’s really weird,when i was tweet i logout and i use twitter client i got message code 403 and said version 1.1 i don’t understand. Anybody know this?


agree with you guys it not going to return now if you read the statement. on this issue or reads

We’re restructuring back-end elements of our direct message system. As a result, users may be unable to send some URLs in direct messages. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Doesn’t say that links in direct messages will ever return for everyone I see some apps can still send there URL in a link so must only be a select few. Have read story’s the twitter gang might release their own dm app so maybe that’s why dm are now blocked.

Either way it’s very sad as it spoils the platform for developers.


Up to now, it appeared you could get around this by linking to a Tweet, which then contained your link. Obviously this is no good if your link is a private resource.

However, as of yesterday, I seem to be getting intermittend 403 errors for my DMs that contain links to Tweets as per the following issue:


As of this morning when my app sends a DM I am intermittently getting the following 403 error

Code 226
Reason: This request looks like it might be automated. To protect our users from spam and other malicious activity, we can’t complete this action right now. Please try again later.

My app sends quite a few DMs and they are all in same format and style… Many are accepted fine but a number are also getting rejected for this reason above.


Is there a problem?


i faced same problem. is it already resolved?