DM/sent API doc limits incorrect?



The documentation says that the maximum number of DMs that can be collected from the direct_message/sent REST endpoint is 800:

However, every test I’ve run, returns a maximum of exactly 200. I make a request limited to 100 results, then request page=2, and so on. There’s never any results beyond.

Is this a bug in the documentation?


Good question. I’d have to dig internally to check on that - unfortunately at an airport right now so unlikely to have a chance to look in on it until next week.


Hi @andypiper - any word on this?

Thanks so much.


Not so far, I’ll ask someone more familiar with DMs to take a look and see if anything has changed.


@andypiper @rem, I was able to reproduce this. It appears the max is 200 instead of the documented 800. Could be a bug or out of date documentation. We’ll check.



Confirmed that 200 is indeed the upper limit and docs are incorrect. This should be corrected soon.

Stay tuned for updates around our DM API that may help developers working with these endpoints.