DM Requests: Improve User Experience




Twitter recently added Direct Message requests which users has to accept or delete. It’s a very good idea for the majority people on Twitter but not for everyone and especially not for businesses.
I explain : Imagine a business which provide support with his account. They then activate “Receive Direct Messages from anyone”. The problem is that this business always accept dm requests. This option is then useless and maybe even counterproductive in the case that the support manager of the business has to accept all dm before give an answer, it’s boring.
It’s an experienced example, since we use TweetDeck, we didn’t have to accept requests or no but when we switch to mobile, we have to face to this problem. :confused:

In my mind, I think that if an account activate “Business features” (Customer support), the dm requests has to be disabled. Or if it’s not possible, maybe add an option in the new webhook API to accept or decline a dm request. :slight_smile:

Do you think it can be envisageable ? Or maybe do you have other solutions ? :smiley: