DM Rate limiting not working at all?



Hi all,

I am creating a bot like service that will be primarily used in the DM platform. During testing i tried to run the bot and see if it was replying to messages correctly - it however did not even send back one message, telling me i was hitting the rate limits. This is not possible as i only sent 1 message in the whole day.

Also if i want to get onto the whitelist for DM messaging - can someone please forward me the link. Thanks in advance.

Please advice.


The form to apply for access to the new Account Activity API is linked from our blog post. Note that we are onboarding new users slowly as the service is in beta and we are reviewing use cases every few days, so it may take some time before you have access. The other new Direct Message features are available in beta as well.

Note that limits for posting Direct Messages are account limits, not API limits.