DM LIMIT: 15 DM'S per 10 minutes


Hello everybody!

I have a problem at the moment, and I am looking for help.

I use twitter DM as tool to reach new customers, not as Spam, but with very personal messages.

I read that the twitter DM Limit is around the 1000 per day, not sure tough, but I can only send 15 DM’S per 10 minutes.

Does somebody know more about this Limit? Or how I can reset the this limit for my account?

I appreciate the help.

Kind regards,



It’s 1000 “per day” but broken down into smaller time intervals. If you’re hitting rate limits - you need to wait a while (Just over 15 min for the next rate limit window) before sending more requests.


Thankyou Igor for you reply.

Okay, that is clear… But on my other account I don’t have this problem… Do you know who that’s possible?

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Limits on DMs and Tweets aren’t exact mostly due to spam filtering rules. There’s a good post on it here:

It depends on the nature of the messages, how often they’re sent out, what people’s reactions are (if you’re getting blocked after sending something - that’s usually taken as a sign that what you’re sending is spam for example)