Dm Deep links in Twitter after Char limit chages




I have some questions regarding DM Deep link in tweets. It would be awesome if someone can answer them.

Q1. If we put a DM deep link in the tweet (irrespective of its position in tweet i.e. beginning, middle or end), will it be considered in purview of char count (140 chars) or not?

Q2. If we put more then one DM Deep link, how many of them will be considered as part of Twitter Char Count? (one, all or none)?


You cannot use more than one DM Deep Link in a Tweet, and you will have to attach them via the new attachment_url parameter for them not to count in the 140 characters after the forthcoming changes.


Hi Andy,

Thanks for your prompt response. I tried from twitter interface and I can attach multiple DM Deep links in a tweet. However, only one of them was considered to be a twitter DM Deep link. Rest all of them were considered as normal links.

Is there any documentation available for change in the structure of JSON Object which we are supposed to send in order to account for 140 characters?


Exactly - only one link will be rendered as a card / DM deep link. With the future API, the intent is that the DM deep link should be added via the attachment_url parameter, and any other links inside the text of the Tweet will be included in the 140 chars (albeit continuing to be shortened with and treated as clickable links as before.

There are currently no JSON POST bodies in the public API outside of the Ads API (apart from the more-recent image alt-text API). You’ll just continue to post status updates with the text parameter as usual. There are example resulting Tweet JSON objects in the appendix of the documentation on the forthcoming changes to Tweets page on


Thanks andy. It was super helpful :slight_smile:

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