DM calls to action on mobile



A user pointed out to us that when setting up calls to action in a DM welcome message, the CTA buttons show up fine on the web client but they don’t appear at all on mobile. Is this intentional or will this be changed in the future to include them? The issue is that we’ve had a few users who mention in their welcome messages to “click one of the buttons below” (or the like) but the buttons aren’t necessarily there.



This works fine for me in Twitter for iOS. What mobile client are these users using?


I believe he was just on a mobile browser but I’m attempting to verify with him. I’m trying to test myself on mobile Chrome and the welcome message doesn’t seem to show up at all actually.


It’s possible that they don’t currently work in mobile web - will have to check with the relevant teams on that.


I’m seeing the same issue - missing CTA buttons on Twitter for iOS 7.3.2


Unable to reproduce - here’s the welcome message with quick replies from @furni our test bot on iOS 7.3.2


Sorry, the issue wasn’t the quick replies, but CTA buttons (


I see. I think this thread is crossing two issues (DM buttons on mobile web, and DM features on mobile apps) but I’ll pass both along to the relevant teams. We’ve clearly flagged these as beta features so we appreciate your patience and understanding as we bring the experience to a broader range of users! :smiley: