Div's Box Size in horizontal has a min-height of 70px - it should be around 30px - can't overrite



When I embed the horizontal tweet button the Div’s Box Size in horizontal has a min-height of 70px which is the height of the vertical box count - it should be around 30px as it creates a silly gap between the other social icons - I can’t overrite this with CSS asn the min-height property already has an !important tag by twitter.

is there anyway round this? or does the script need updating by twitter themselves?

Here is a url to a screenshot:




I’m not sure it does. The buttons here don’t for example…

How are you embedding? What css file and line is the !important statement on, or is it in a style attribute on an html element?


Agreed, there must be something conflicting. If you could provide a live URL it would be helpful.

It is possible to overwrite an !important flag, btw - just include an !important flagged style with greater or equal specificity lower in the page.


Its a bit different as im workin on basekit

Here’s a URL:


Heres the Code


And here’s my CSS which if you go into firebug is getting overwritten to min-height: 70px !important;

min-height: 22px !important;
max-height: 22px !important;
height: 22px !important;
overflow: hidden !important;

thanks for the help

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