Distinguish Tweets with Cards for Campaign Assignment


Perhaps not specifically related to the Advertising API but relevant for Advertising in general… how do we search only those tweets that have cards. We’re instituting support for objectives and want to only show tweets with relevant card types for those objectives with creative requirements (app installs, lead gen, video, web site clicks). How do we search or determine that a tweet has a card attached?

In another way, a card is a card. A tweet is a tweet. But only Tweets with Cards can be assigned to campaigns specific objectives. How do we tell/search/return only Tweets with Cards and/or Tweets with Specific Card types?


Hi @mr_joshua and congratulations on making the inaugural developer post in this forum!

You can use GET accounts/:account_id/scoped_timeline to search for promotable Tweets filtered by objective. While this will return all promotable Tweets, with and without Cards, it is a future-proof and scalable method to scope your results.

It’s not currently possible to search for and return only Tweets with Cards via the API. To verify that a Tweet contains a Card, you would need to parse the expanded_url within each Tweet yourself. We recommend using the scoped timeline for this use case.