Displaying videos in iOS apps



I’m looking to display vine videos through twitter directly on an iOS and Android app. Is this possible?


(moving this to the Fabric / Mobile category as it is not OAuth-related)

Take a look at Fabric, our mobile SDK platform. The Twitter Kit has convenience methods for pulling and displaying tweets including photos and media.

Note that Twitter and Vine policies regarding copyrighted materials apply.


Hey @andypiper. I have a piggy back question about general video support playback in iOS apps. Specifically, we would like to be able to play embedded, animated GIFs from Twitter’s website in a UIWebView. These animated GIFs are converted to MP4s and in order to allow for inline playback, Apple requires that the video HTML element includes a webkit-playsinline attribute (see Apple’s Documentation).

Are there any plans to support the webkit-playsinline HTML attribute so that we don’t need to manually manipulate the DOM when playing Twitter videos?



Great question @soung3 - I don’t know of any plans to change the way these are rendered, but will pass this on to the relevant folks. I guess you can (as you say) manipulate the DOM yourself as a workaround.


Thanks @andypiper. What’s the best way for me to to follow any related updates with the relevant Twitter team members?


Either here or over on @TwitterDev and @TwitterAPI on Twitter itself where we make announcements of feature changes like this.


Hello, andypiper!
I have one question. You mentioned that TwitterKit SDK for iOS has convenience methods for pulling and displaying tweets including photos and media. But I couldn’t find any related to media.
Please points me to SDK reference with media.



Currently the Tweet views in Twitter kit display Tweet text with a single image. Keep an eye on the Twitter category / forum for more information on how this may evolve in the future.


Hello Andy,
I wanted to know if there is any support for video playback in the twitterKit SDK iOS.
In android SDK the clicking on a tweetview opens up the twitter app but in iOS we only see a thumbnail for the video and nothing happens when we click on it.
Is this the expected behaviour?
Thanks and Regards
Akshay Koul.


Yes, native video and GIF playback is supported on iOS 8+ https://blog.twitter.com/2015/launching-native-video-support-for-twitter-kit


Thanks Andy,
I think we are using older version of TwitterKit … we will update it to get the video playback.


Hello Andy,
I was able to show the video player from embedded tweet by updating the twitterKit to version 1.15.1 thanks a lot for that.
But there is an issue, on iOS that once we open a media player there is no way to go back to the app.
there no back button on the media player.
Thanks and regards
Akshay Koul