Displaying URL to user for PIN base authentication



I’m creating an application for a device with no browser that needs to interact with twitter. Since it has no browser I’m attempting to use PIN based authentication. The documentation for Pin authentication (https://dev.twitter.com/oauth/pin-based) has the following

The PIN-based flow is implemented in the same exact way as Implementing Sign in with Twitter and 3-legged Authorization, with the only difference being that the value for oauth_callback must be set to oob during the POST oauth / request_token call.

Once your application has obtained either a GET oauth/authenticate or GET oauth/authorize URL, display the URL to the user so that they may use a web browser to access Twitter.

This is where I have a disconnect. The URL that I get back from the call looks like the following


Am I understanding the directions correctly that I am to display this URL so that a user can enter it into a browser? My expectation is that most users don’t have the ability or the willingness to enter long alphanumeric strings where there is 0 toleration for any variations or mistakes. I had expected a simpler URL to result.

Looking through these forums I see another thread where a user had a similar question, but I wasn’t able to get my questions answered by looking at it. In my case the device being used has a small display



I am also facing issue. I am developing a C# console application to fetch the data from TwitterAds API. If want to fetch TwitterAds api we need to use 3-legged authentication(Even they said application based authentication is also finebut it not working in TwitterAds rrather working for Twitter Public.) and when we use we are getting Unauthorized user even we use oob as call back url. Please suggest us. The documentation is not linked correctly it seems. We are not getting correct information in step by step.