Displaying Twitter embed twice on webpage


Hi, I’m hoping to highlight tweets twice on a website. Once as a sort of “latest news” bar right under the header (the blue bar in the image below)

And a second time in the standard tweet display (this would include the tweet highlighted in the “latest news” bar).

Is it okay for me to alter the format of a tweet to look better in a horizontal bar, like the one I have displayed in my example, if it appears in its full form later on the page?

Thank you!


FWIW, I have read through the documentation, including Display Requirements, but have found myself especially confused by this screenshotted portion of the CSS for embed page:

I also think that this might be an unusual case, since the full twitter timeline appears later on the same page, which is why I thought I’d ask you folks.

Thanks again for your time!


Hello! Just bumping this back up :slight_smile: Would love to get a response on this.


Hi Alex

Are you trying to apply custom styling to a Tweet Embed to make it fit into a narrow bar? Our embeds have limited configuration options available that can help you change colors and a few other things. Besides those options, it is not possible to alter the appearance of embeds.


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