Displaying tweets amongst other content in a CRM (Display Requirements question)


Hi guys,

We’re in the process of launching our new CRM platform and we just need some clarification on displaying Tweets within the application. Please see below:

  1. We understand the layout of Tweets, however are you flexible on how we display the timestamp for the Tweet? For example, to keep things consistent in our app, we currently have “2 days ago” or “1 hour ago” as the timestamp for all content as opposed to “1h” or “2d” etc. Are we able to keep this format or must we change all date formats to match Twitter’s preferred method of displaying the timestamp?

  2. Are we able to display Tweets amongst other content? I know you prefer not to have Tweets shown with updates from other social networks, but what about RSS feed updates or other content? We’d love to give our users an overview of all updates/activity, however if we have to separate Tweets from this feed, they’ll almost be hidden in their own tab.

  3. Re the above question, if we can show Tweets with other content, are we able to show Tweets amongst updates from other social networks if we clearly identify what network the data is from?

If you could kindly get back to me with responses to the above queries at your earliest convenience, that’d be fab!

Thanks so much guys.

Talk soon.


Hi again,

One more question to add please!

  1. If we wish to display Tweets in notification style dropdown menus, do we have to adhere to the guidelines here also? We basically just want to inform the user that there is a new Tweet. They can then click on the Tweet and it will take them to a page with the Tweet shown on it that meets the full display requirements.




Hi Jon,

Sorry for the delay getting back to you.

  1. We have less concern about the exact format and location of timestamp. It is most important that the timestamp is present in a way that your users will most clearly understand and that it is linked to the Tweet permalink page for the Tweet.

  2. We require that, regardless of source, you do not commingle non-Twitter content with Tweets.

  3. Same as above.

In the case of notifications – if you’re displaying any part of or contents of a Tweet, then you’ll need to display it according to display requirements. If you’re just displaying a notification of the fact of a tweet existing, I would recommend avoiding rendering the tweet content itself and just indicating that there are pending tweets by @suchandsuch or an equivalent that works for your scenario.