Displaying large images same as twitter using twitter photo card



I am using twitter photo card(its’s approved) for my application. When I am trying to post large size(for ex: 540X810 in px ) it displays ‘View photo’ link on Twitter without displaying image. How do I solve this?

In Twitter if we post the same image directly it shows at least half the image then displays ‘View photo’ link below.


This is the way cards work. If you post an image directly in a link, the image will be shown in the extended tweet space. For cards, you need to click “View details/summary/photo” to have the card expanded.


If I want to show the image which is published from my app same as twitter, what I need to do. I checked with some other apps they are able to show the half image for large images.


Can you post a link to a tweet that shows what you want to do, or provide an example of another app? I’m not sure that I am clearly understanding what you would like to do.



Please click here to see what I want to do. I am trying to post the same image via my application, twitter and buffer app. For both twitter and buffer apps its showing preview exactly same. But for the post which is published from my app its showing differently. I am not getting what are the parameters I am missing :frowning: