Displaying complete tweet history of a specific user (using LinqtoTwitter)


I am trying to display a given user’s entire tweet history on an ASP.NET web form page. Everything is working fine except for the number of tweets I get back from my query. If I do not specify a ‘Count’, I get back 19 tweets. I thought the default was supposed to be 20, so that may help identify the source of the problem. My test user has 247 tweets, and if I specify this I get 178 back. I’ve tested this with other users and I have the same issue (although the number returned varies). I have also tried setting the ‘Count’ to the maximum int value.

My Query:

            var userStatusResponse =
                (from tweet in twitterCtx.Status
                 where tweet.Type == StatusType.User &&
                       tweet.ScreenName == txtScreenName.Text &&
                       tweet.Count == statusCount
                 select tweet);

It’s been 3 days of brain punishment over here so I would sincerely appreciate any help :slight_smile: