Displaying an "upvote" button near a tweet


I’m working on a Twitter-based social news site, on which I want to show a curated list of tweets from various users, grouped by topic and ranked by various criteria. Similar to sites like Stack Overflow or Hacker News, I want to let users up- & downvote individual tweets in order to change their position on the page. Now I’ve read in the developer display requirements (https://dev.twitter.com/terms/display-requirements) that besides the “retweet”, “favorite” and “follow” links that must be displayed with each tweet, no other “social or 3rd party actions” similar to these are allowed. Would an “upvote” button (that doesn’t link to any other sites or apps) already fall under this category?

P.s. I’ve also considered using the number of times that a tweet has been favorited as a replacement for upvotes, but unfortunately the API does not provide access to these and favoriting a tweet for a logged in user through the API would require read/write access to his Twitter account, which I do not want to ask for.